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Work with the industry leading Business Solutions partner for your corporate tax and account management. It will be more then just supporting you for your daily operations.

A dedicated team with many years of experience will be working with you just like your full time account department.
The full range of Business expertise & knowledges we have is definitely your asset for business success.
Providing you with valuable business suggestions based on real time information for you to make better decisions.

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Administrative & Accountancy
The Quality of Owning An Accounting Department
Your Reliable Business Financial Advisor
Beyond book keeping and year end reports

Corporate Tax

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By making proper tax preparations and planning, you are able to reduce the amount of tax needed to pay, enjoy tax benefits from relevant schemes.

Business Advisory

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By analysing your financial reports and understands your business operations, we would give you useful business advisory and strategies to implement.

Accountancy Services

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We understand having access to timely tand accurate financial information is curial for you to make decisions in today's dynamic business environment.

Company Secretary

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Providing you solutions to meet the compliance requirement and guiding you to meeting all deadlines for corporate regulatory actions.

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-- Government Grant & Schemes --

Singapore has a Pro-Business Environment, the government gives full range of support across industries and all sized corporations.

MICROUNIVER Provides you the professional guidance on how to utilise different type of goverenment Grant & Schemes for your business's productivity & growth.

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